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About South Wav.

South .Wav People's Party proudly presents the next step in their exploration into creative arts and club culture, with Lavender Laboratories.

Wondering who we are? The clue is in the name. South Wav 'People's Party'. We are an open-minded, collective amalgamation of people who love music, love clubbing and love partying! But we want to do so in a safe, friendly and inclusive way.

The industry is currently experiencing vast amounts of change for the better, and we would like to build on this positivity through collaboration, bringing together like-minded people from all walks of life.

Increases in inclusivity, sharing and creativity are vital to the progression of the music scene. Collaboration and collectivism are integral when building a community, the cornerstone of South .Wav's ethos. We aim to be a space in which people can battle the individualism that dominates the creative arts industry.

Lavender Laboratories

Our relationship to music and clubbing are intrinsically linked to our happiness and well-being. Lavender Labs aims to highlight dualities and contradictions of comfortability in the clubbing scene.

We learn about contrasts such as; near and far; soft and hard; weak and strong; through our personal experiences of the space around us. Lavender Laboratories aims to highlight these juxtapositions and be immersed in the energy between the serenity of lavender and the hard clashing music. To read the full editorial head to

By incorporating immersive and ethereal light displays and graphics at Rialto, we create a Lavender cotch - comfortable, cosy and serene. Then let our line-up melt your face and dissolve your mind. Think a Herbal Essences advert but the bottle is full of acid.

In the words of the infamous DJ Yung Bassed Shawty: "Let the waterfall of expressionism and deep, dark breaks cleanse the individuality from your soul."

Proprioception: how one individually visualises one's body in space. Where will the Lavender Energy take you?

About the artists

I-Sha blends sound from UK Bass, Jungle and Footwork, and she is planning to bring us a diverse selection of music. Expect deconstructed ideas of binarised music in her opening set.

Filter Dread's production and selection, as any listener will know, compliments crashing breaks with dark, moody and often euphoric pads. Our experience in music is about being pushed to a place where we question our comfortability. Leftfield elements are often totally unpredictable - F.D is bringing an Elektron Digitakt to churn sounds and split wigs.

Stenny's production brings together incredible bass, forward-thinking percussion and dynamic soundscapes. This can be heard in his latest release Upsurge released on Ilian Tape, which honestly speaks for itself. This will be Stenny's Brighton debut, and he will be performing an extended set exploring his unique interpretation of electro and techno.

We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to aggression, sexual harassment and discrimination. Please look out for each other. If you need help, please speak to security. At each event, the members of South .Wav will be in the crowd, making sure you and everyone else is enjoying themselves!

Artwork by the powerhouse who is Charlie Maclagan

Big love, and Lavender Energy vibes,
South .Wav People's Party x