Ambient Spiral EP

Label: Corrupt Data

Format: Vinyl and Digital

Release date: 14/9/18

Creeping through the fumes of his beguiling Beyond Saturn tape on TV Showw earlier this year, Filter Dread plunges deep into the darkest, most unchartered corners of our psyche with eight more broken excursions. As always, we range from the furthest peripheries of the cosmos (where tracks such as sludgy, paranoid wormlike "New Energy" await) to neighbouring-yet-unexplored dance planets where the new languages are spat using rave vernacular in ways we've never heard before ("NRG2") Other trips include the hardcore subversion black hole of "Gravity Step", the 23rd century jungle splinters of "SP 85" and plenty more. Time to take a spiral...

Filter Dread transmogrifies grime, jungle, 2-step and ambient tropes for his Corrupt Data label

Some killer bits for the dextrous DJ and restless listeners inside the ride, most notably the fractious hardship of ’SP 85’, the John T. Gast-compatible technoid plasma of ‘New Energy’, and the floating sci-fi grime of ‘Faces in the Sky’.

Serving up another rad as fuck, bastardised stew of hardcore, breakbeat and Fruity Loops era grime, Filter Dread’s latest eight-track collection of stompers is something of a revelation.

Sometimes what I want from a longer form project is for an artist to explore the nether regions of a certain sound palette to death. Other times, I want at least a notion of heartfelt songwriting, but you don’t go to McDonalds for steak, do you? Filter Dread emphatically delivers the former.
- DJ Mag
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