9th August 2015


1st July 2016: DATA BASS EP (Fresh 86)

A Bass exploration EP for the Fresh 86 label.

Grab it here: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/74847-fresh86163-filter-dread-data-bass-ep

data bass.png

21st September 2015: Tribal Realm EP (Unknown To The Unknown)

A Break-heavy EP for the Unknown To The Unknown label .

Grab it here: http://uttu.club/filter-dread-tribal-realm-ep/




5th September 2015: Format (Red for Colour Blind)

Rare Filter Dread C40 cassette on the Red For Colour Blind label based in Prague. Limited to 70 copies. Experiments in lo-fi rave.

Grab it here: https://filterdread.bandcamp.com/

format 1 final FRONT SQUARE web.png



17th July 2015: Interference EP (PAN X CODES)

Collaborative EP between Acre and Filter Dread on the new PAN X CODES label. Available on vinyl and digital.

Grab it here: https://boomkat.com/vinyl/1318483-acre-filter-dread-interference

Filter Acre inter 425x425 alt.png



4th January 2015: Sunbeams (Unknown To The Unknown)

The first in a series of free digital releases on the UTTU label comes in the form of 'Sunbeams', which can be streamed and downloaded here:


filter_dread_sunbeams fdsite.png



19th December 2014: Gardens Volume 1 (Videogame Music)

(Filter Dread Remix)

First of two volumes of remixes, reinterpretations and rearrangements of broshuda and giganta's track "gardens". Features a remix from Filter Dread. Grab it here:


Gardens tape image.png



13th September 2014: Dizzcock - AL (Red for Colour Blind)

(Filter Dread Remix)

Czech Republic Producer 'Dizzcock' releases a tape cassette of original material on the A side with remixes by Filter Dread and others on the B side.

Grab it here: https://redforcolourblind.bandcamp.com/track/al-filter-dread-remix

AL Filter Dread remix.jpg



23rd June 2014: MIDI Space EP (Ramp Recordings)

A new set of Filter dubs are released on the MIDI Space EP for Ramp Recordings. Available on Vinyl and digital.

Grab it here: http://boomkat.com/vinyl/1015214-filter-dread-midi-space

Filter dread MIDI Space filterdreadcom.png



12th June 2014: From The Reels (No Corner)

The No Corner label yields prime and sought-after selections from El Kid, Filter Dread and Lily to vinyl for the 1st time, backed with Vessel and Killing Sound remixes

Grab it here : http://boomkat.com/vinyl/1032953-killing-sound-el-kid-vessel-lily-filter-dread-from-the-reels-a-no-corner-collection

no corner from the reels 2 filterdreadcom.png



12th May 2014: Dark0 - Sin EP (Lost Codes)

(Filter Dread Remix)

Grime producer Dark0 comes with a release on Lost Codes. Featuring a Filter Dread Remix of 'Phobos'.

Grab it here:http://boomkat.com/downloads/977037-dark0-sin-ep

dark0 sin front for filterdreadcom.png



31st March 2014: Will Ward - 224 / Pavilion EP (Audio Doughnuts)

(Hodge Remix / Filter Dread Remix)

Futuristic sequencer Will Ward comes with his debut release on Audio Doughnuts. Featuring remixes from Hodge and Filter Dread.

Grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/224-pavilion-ep/id842688518

Will Ward - Pavillions EP filterdread website.png



11th July 2013: Space Loops (No Corner)

Dense, paranoid hazes of late nights and patch leads, Akai samplers left running through grubby delay units…breaks stretched to their serrated limit, exposing the pitted drum hits that the UK underground is built on, from Jungle to Grime and beyond.

Grab it here: http://rwdfwd.com/products/filter-dread-space-loops/

Space Loops tape 425x425.png



14th May: Filter Dread - Hidden Grime (UK Trends)

A new mini-album has just been realised on the bass label, UK Trends and features nine new tracks of Filter Dread compositions. Grab it from iTunes below:


17th March: New Sun Systems EP released

Five-track EP, featuring the popular beat Sun Systems: Sun Systems.

8th March: Underground (Egyptian Avenue)

A new two-track EP on New Zealand's biggest Bass label: Underground.

5th March: Bass Hype EP released

Three new tracks of Grime-infused beats, for preview or download: Bass Hype.

23rd November 2012: Hyper Lost (Lost Codes)

Filter Dread's debut EP on Visionist's UK Lost Codes label: Hyper Lost.

1st November 2012: Tribe 2 EP released

Deep-House samples feature on this new EP from Filter Dread: Tribe 2.

9th June 2012: Edge Alt EP released

UK rave sound inspired samples feature in Filter Dread's EP: Edge Alt.

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